Young Leaders Forum

Young Leaders Forum is a platform for building Future inspiring Leaders of our Nation across diverse fields Science, Politics, Business, Music , Philanthropy, Entrepreneurship, Medical, Teaching to come together to work on Projects which will make High Impact positive change in our community.

At Young Leaders Forum, you will be inspired to expand your horizons and explore your future on a whole new level as you work among your peers, interact with respected global issues experts, and gain a fresh, new global perspective.

Young Leaders forum motivates students to fully explore cultural differences, gain firsthand exposure to the challenges of international diplomacy, build confidence, and enhance decision-making skills in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

At Young Leaders Forum Goals :

  1. Fostering dialogue between young leaders and Leaders from business, politics, science, media and culture. Establishing a lasting network of future decision-makers who are engaged and committed to making positive change in this world.
  2. Interact with world Leaders : Members of Young Leaders forum will have regular opportunity to interact and held discussions with Top business leaders, policy officials, Elected officials,Entrepreneurs, journalists, diplomats and academics from diverse culture and backgrounds exchange ideas with students and help them cultivate critical leadership skills
  3. Think Globally : You’ll be immersed in the culture, history, and world views of the diverse people who are key players on the global stage leading you to think on issues related to economics, poverty, Science Development, politics from global perspective.
  4. Change Impact Agent: Lead Community Service Projects to serve Homeless People in and around your communities.
  5. Conduct Leadership & success through Communication workshops
  6. Mentor Youth & kids.


Udhav Sharma image

Udhav Sharma

Associate Director, Young Leaders Forum
Anay Karwal image

Anay Karwal

Associate Director, Young Leaders Forum
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Dhruv Gupta